We don’t want everything we like, we just remember the beautiful things.

We like this and that this week:

1. Did you forget to throw the garbage bag again? So many discussions can be avoided just by doing the right thing. We salute the idea of a food recycler doing “our little job”. Sustainable, bottomless and designed in a minimal way, Mill stands up to be the almost perfect kitchen bin, preventing waste and upgrading our homes. Find more about this modern object here.

    2. Power Plant was one of the most eye catching Christmas Tree installation for the festive season. The object was created by a London-based design studio, Isabel and Helen and it can be admired until 7th January at Victoria and Albert Museum (London). The main inspiration around this unconventional installation came straight from the night sky, the movement of planets, satellites and stars. Discover more of Isabel Gibson and Helen Chesner’s projects here.

    3. Maarten Baas stands out as a gatekeeper of “crafted moments” with each conceptual reinterpretation of the 12-hour films indicating the “Real Time”. Since we are travelling through time and another year has come into existence, check out this clock (analog/digital) that stands between art and design in Schiphol’s Airport (Amsterdam) since 2016. The story behind this object was inspired by the almost invisible janitors that are daily cleaning the airport while millions of travelers pass them by. The creator is paying homage to Piet Mondrian by using “the iconic colors” (red, yellow, blue) for the bucket, the rag and the uniform. Find more about Maarten Baas’s exquisite work here.

    4. Why not strolling and discovering charming streets and quiet places while this festive season still unfolds in front of us. Small hint: Behind the green marble you’ll find a red hat.

    A discreet place like Cotroceni can be a great choice to admire architectural beauties while enjoying a coffee or a matcha latte from Zissou. You’ll taste all sorts of coffee flavours from all over the world. They also bring “material” from April (a concept coffee store based on Coppenhagen)

    Located very close to National Library of Romania, you’ll come across another cute and kind of nordic place named Trofic. When you’re in need for specialty coffee, tasty brunches and treats, here it is. I think well of their speciality coffee brought directly from Origo.

    Intimate and not so known places often bring the savour that we really need while strolling in the city.

    A Blessed New Year!

    Best regards,



    We don’t want everything we like, we just remember the beautiful things.

    We like this and that this week:

    • I watched ELVIS and remembered about this song which is incredibly powerful: “If I can dream”. Such an iconic scene with Elvis dressed in white. What a perfect frame! I think this song sums up the whole movie. “And while I can think, while I can talk / While I can stand, while I can walk / While I can dream / Oh, please let my dream / Come true.

    • Have you felt poetry and saw vibrant paintings lately? Impressive roots are visible at Galeria Senso until 12.11.2022. Thank you, Ioana Mocanu and Kira Hagi for the lovely exhibition!

    • Palissade is an elegant outdoor furniture designed by the two French brothers, Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec. You can take a sit at Jardin des Tuileries, where the two have created a beautiful architectural kiosque. Have a look right here: Kiosque
    • How precious is the memory of our World! Knowledge is the real treasure of our species and each time we turn one more page, we evolve. You can discover here how rare and precious books are being preserved so they can travel safely through time.


    We don’t want everything we like, we just remember the beautiful things.

    We like this and that this week:

    • I’ve been gathering small stones to have a vivid memory of certain places that I really enjoyed along the way, but my mind stopped when I discovered a lovely account on Instagram with mesmerizing stones. You could easily put five different stones together and create the pallete of your dreams for your specific creation. Have a look at @avery_a_gregory

    • Beautiful graphics can sometimes soften and spoil the senses. Sadie Benning (Born April 11, 1973) is an American artist who lives and works in New York. “I want to be free to try things that don’t make sense yet.” Check “his abstract” on this link and taste some absolutely pink from this exquisite art.

    • A classic beauty can be manufactured in the shape of wood and rattan. “Cask” collection of lounge furniture for Expormim by Norm Architects can be admired right here.

    • There is a unique place In Paris that I completely like and it can be described in three words: cabaret, history, hill. “Au Lapin Agile”(1860) is the oldest cabaret in Paris located in a small house where so many sculptors, painters, singers, writers used to meet. No wonder is the oldest cabaret in Paris. You can read about the history of this enchanting place and have a closer look by opening a window of the present and the past.


    We don’t want everything we like, we just remember the beautiful things.

    We like this and that this week:

    • Olivia Cognet creates a sculptural dialog between her hands and thoughts. We are talking about a very talented French artist who does wonders in terms of ceramic. (objects including chairs, vases, lamps and tables). Handmade is the main character of her expression and these objects really talk. You can listen a nice conversation about her work right here and view what kind of objects she creates on Instagram: @olivia_cognet

    • Have you ever thought about watching/listening primordial activities while you create, travel, rest, work or study? It’s nice how these natural sounds give us a sense of belonging, quietness and even warmth. Anh Bushcraft shares with us an interesting frame about this kind of living. Another person that I enjoy watching is Honeyjubu. She is South Korean. A lifestyle that inspires serenity and brings visual comfort to many people. You can read more about it here. Enjoy!

    • There is one famous french photographer named JR that has made a video of him while he was visiting a prison somewhere in North America. The artist offered an expression of care to these people by bringing a special project alive. Imagine all the prisoners gathered together in the courtyard, enjoying an orange and seeing their portraits instead of the usual grey walls of the building. Art does magic! You can discover a nice interview with JR and Agnes Varda and on his Instragram page you can identify the prison project.

    • A special green object took my attention this week. Polspotten designed this unique and elegant piece from glass named The Steps Vase.

    Best regards,



    We don’t want everything we like, we just remember the beautiful things.

    We like this and that this week:

    • India Mahdavi has her own colour palette when it comes to think and design spaces or objects. Outstanding interiors made by the interior designer like “At The Connaught”, “Sketch” or “Hôtel du Cloître” are leading us through visuals where different mixes of colours and materials (definitely) have the final say. If you are wondering what kind of petits objets she can create, you can take a look right here.

    • British Isle is something that I have seen/listening last year and today. If I’m writing or reading something, I like to have visuals around me or to discover nature even if I’m not there. Music without words and enchanting visuals from Our Planet can have a great power to make us feel more relaxed. Bon voyage!

    • Escoffier! When you pronounce this name…you can sense something powerful. Auguste Escoffier(1846–1935)  was born in France and he was a chef, a restaurateur and a culinary writer who transformed and took to the next level the french culinary methods. He worked in Paris at Ritz, but also Carlton and Savoy in London. Escoffier was all about discipline and the most important souvenir he left us was “Le guide Culinaire”. His work (techniques and recipes) remain a clear statement pour la vraie cuisine par tout le monde.

    • Indeed, negativity can have an immediate and more powerful force sometimes over the people and it is much easier to relate to negativity because positive habits are linked to discipline and self-care. If negativity will catch you without a protective barrier… it can create damages. What kind of good forces influence your life? In this precisely moment or in these times? We can all agree and find very fast in our minds many negative characters from movies or people that act in a certain way. You can become so good at being bad that you don’t even want to access this force. But the good part comes when you use it in a creative way. It can turn out to be a very good (internal) exchange of power. Joel Osteen is an incredible orator of our times. His messages are so well crafted! This kind gesture of planting good seeds inside our mind can shift every negative day or thought around instantly. I like him and I can say that he is the most powerful voice of positivity, of encouragement nowadays. This man can do good to any person in this World through his kind of communication/force. He is commited 100% to his purpose. His latest book “You are stronger than you think” is quite a treasure.
    • If you are a fashion lover or you want to discover important names in this exquisite industry, take a look at Diana Vreeland. She was a french-american modern woman, an exotic arbiter of style and “the one and only” fashion editor because she had an unmistakable vision and a certain sense of artistry. This “Empress of Fashion” was an expert editor at Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar for more than 30 years. You can discover a lovely documentary about her life or even read a book about her.

    Kind regards,



    We don’t want everything we like, we just remember the beautiful things.

    We like this and that this week:

    • Estelle Chemouny

    A french woman that used to live in London. Colorful, creative, à la mode with a chic boutique named Paradise Garage. She also has a cool Instagram account: Estelle Chemouny

    • La Dolce Vita. Orient Express

    Georges Nagelmackers launched the first luxury Orient Express 150 years ago.

    What do you think about heritage, history, style, iconic itineraries? In 2023 passengers will experience a beautiful journey between the past and the present. The interior is made by Dimore Studio. Check out more about this reinvented dream: Orient Express

    • Hugo Toro

    Hugo Toro is a great architectural designer based in Paris who made the scenography of Orient Express and the famous store Samaritaine. Sublime aesthetics. Check his work on website or watch his photos on Instagram.

    • Gisele Bundchen

    I was enchanted to read her book: “Lessons. My path to a meaningful life”

    Gisele talks about her family, discipline, health, food, environment.

    What impressed me the most was the connexion she had with her first dog, Vida….

    Gisele had no money when she arrived in New York. Passing by a dog store she immediately fell in love with a cute dog and took it forever in her life.

    And that’s how she woke up having no money left to pay the rent but having Vida in her arms. 🙂

    She even ended the book by saying thanks to Vida (her guardian angel).

    Good lecture!

    • John Latham  (23 February 1921 – 1 January 2006)

    A strange but enchanting exhibition I saw at Serpentine Gallery.

    John Latham was a British pioneer of conceptual art.

    Find more about his project here: “A World View

    Kind regards,



    I wouldn’t call it a moodboard, but certain things are joggling in my head. For those who are willing to keep an open eye: Play!

    Playboard of this week:

    New objects presented at SUPERSALONE 2021, Milano

    1. A lounge chair
    Nuez lounge chair
    Nuez Lounge BIO / Photo credit:

    Nuez Lounge BIO chair was introduced these days at Milano Design Week.

    Due to its shape, I perceive the object as “a private transportable” through books and discussions.

    Patricia Urquiola has designed this lounge chair from aluminium, Bio thermopolymer and upholstered shell for Andreu World’s company.

    Photo Credit: Instagram @andreuworld

    Modern but sustainable at the same time, Nuez Lounge Bio chair manages to be the perfect medium between comfort and technology, coming from its 3D shape. The details crafted so “naturally” in repeating lines resembles a bit with the tummy of a whale.

    Find more about this product here: Nuez Lounge BIO

    2. A chair

    The FILO chair designed by Erwan & Ronan Bouroullec for Mattiazzi is another example of “repeating lines” but in comparison to Nuez Lounge Bio, this one is sensitive and it is made from fabric. Joggling in the area of graphics, crafts, poetry and materiality, this yellow chair was “thought” to reduce wood wastage by reducing his structure ’till simplicity.

    Photo source: Instagram @ronanbouroullec

    When you vizualise the FILO chair, it sends you back to the origins, to the uniqueness of manufacturers or grandparents and their old sewing machines.

    I would dare to describe the chair in one simple word: primary

    Discover more about this object design here: FILO

    3. A modern candle light

    GOODNIGHT is the purest reinterpretation of the most popular light on Planet Earth.

    A light that brought us out from the dark into civilization, into the future, and by this I mean the candle light.

    Philippe Starck remembered about this object and geniously shifted its energy into a technological romance. The modern candle light created for Kartell is minimal, functional and it works on battery.

    And what a gorgeous transfer of power!

    Photo source:

    You can read more about this lighting object design here: GOODNIGHT

    4. Dior

    A particular project named “DIOR MEDALLION CHAIR” has gathered many artists to design in their own vision a chair, but one reinterpretation in particular has caught my attention.

    The original and initial chair had grey and white armchairs and it was used for fashion shows, but the Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka has created an exquisite symbol of lightness and transparency.

    Tokujin Yoshioka. Image: Yuto Kudo

    Find more about this object here: “Medallion of Light”


    I wouldn’t call it a moodboard, but certain things are joggling in my head. For those who are willing to keep an open eye: Play!

    Playboard of this week:

    1. Best speech on Earth:

    Discover here the speech: Fred Rogers inducted into the TV Hall of Fame

    Fred Rogers (20.03.1928- 27.02.2003) has mastered kindness like no other human on this Earth.

    In almost 40 years of activity, Mister Rogers raised all the standards when we think of what children are watching on television.

    You can view one of his daily television program dedicated for the little ones here: Everybody’s Special

    If you are interested to see a movie with his life, you can find it on Netflix.

    I have discovered a modern representation of our Fred Rogers into Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood cartoons and that’s quite a good choice for the little ones to watch:

    Daniel Tiger

    And why not? You can watch the trailer: A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

    2. A sustainable table

    round table

    TIP TOE stands out to be a good choice when it comes to beauty, sustainable and functionality. An experimental kind of table eco certified made from recycled plastic (yogurt bottle) and modular legs coming in different colours.

    Find more about this company here.

    3. A digital type of “painting”:

    4. A book

    This book gives you “a paintfully” sensation when you touch it.

    The Story of Painting by Andrew Graham Dixon offers a lecture of history, colours, movements and important artists. Easy to read and suitable for everyone, not only for les connaisseurs! It will capture you for sure!

    A special book to offer, also!


    I wouldn’t call it a moodboard, but certain things are joggling in my head. For those who are willing to keep an open eye: Play!

    Playboard of this week:

    1. A painting

    “Women and Bird in the Moonlight” – Joan Miró

    Joan Miró, Women and Bird in the Moonlight 1949, exhibited 1951, Tate N06007, digital image, © Tate released under Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-ND (3.0 Unported)

    Read more about this painting here.

    2. An object


    L.XIV Bergere seat manufactured by Moissonnier invites you not only to take a seat but also to be careful because enchanting sounds will get you in some magical worlds.

    “Defying accepted codes but without breaking the rules”.

    Read more about Moissonnier here.

    Follow their activity here.

    3. A dress

    Dior, Spring-Summer Haute Couture 2021 Photo:

    Are you captivated by divinatory arts and signs of destiny? I’m not really into it…but these well crafted materials are definitely the sign of a perfect dress.

    Check more about the story and the entire collection here.

    4. A book

    An incredible book filled with old photos of Bucharest.

    A souvenir to have and offer.

    The book: Bucurestiul mutilat – Andrei Pandele


    I wouldn’t call it a moodboard, but certain things are joggling in my head. For those who are willing to keep an open eye: Play!

    Playboard of this week:

    1. A painting

    “Highland Music” – Sir Edwin Henry Landseer

    “The humble pleasures of everyday life in the Highlands.”

    Sir Edwin Henry Landseer; Highland Music ?1829, exhibited 1830, Tate N00411, digital image, © Tate released under Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-ND (3.0 Unported)

    Read more about this painting here .

    2. An object:

    “Bubble Side Table”

    Photo: Daniel Cochran

    A playful small side table created by an artist called Steven Bukowski from New York City. The object is made from solid maple.

    Discover more of his work here.

    3.  A bag


    Buy it or do it yourself? Both options are great! Cotton or linen? Colourful or neutral? Instead a plastic bag (harmful for nature) with no kind of personality, why not having one of yours? One talented Poly explains along with Helen how to create your own reusable snack bag right here. 

    Find more about “La Croitorie” on their website. 

    4. A place

    Bleu Minuit


    Somewhere in Obersteinbach nature becomes your closest friend.

    The lodge is located in the Vosge Nature Park,  between the border of Germany and France.

    What can be more relaxing than waking up with a blue sky above?

    Bleu Minuit! You can read about it here.