We don’t want everything we like, we just remember the beautiful things.

We like this and that this week:

  • Olivia Cognet creates a sculptural dialog between her hands and thoughts. We are talking about a very talented French artist who does wonders in terms of ceramic. (objects including chairs, vases, lamps and tables). Handmade is the main character of her expression and these objects really talk. You can listen a nice conversation about her work right here and view what kind of objects she creates on Instagram: @olivia_cognet

  • Have you ever thought about watching/listening primordial activities while you create, travel, rest, work or study? It’s nice how these natural sounds give us a sense of belonging, quietness and even warmth. Anh Bushcraft shares with us an interesting frame about this kind of living. Another person that I enjoy watching is Honeyjubu. She is South Korean. A lifestyle that inspires serenity and brings visual comfort to many people. You can read more about it here. Enjoy!

  • There is one famous french photographer named JR that has made a video of him while he was visiting a prison somewhere in North America. The artist offered an expression of care to these people by bringing a special project alive. Imagine all the prisoners gathered together in the courtyard, enjoying an orange and seeing their portraits instead of the usual grey walls of the building. Art does magic! You can discover a nice interview with JR and Agnes Varda and on his Instragram page you can identify the prison project.

  • A special green object took my attention this week. Polspotten designed this unique and elegant piece from glass named The Steps Vase.

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