“You rarely have time for everything you want in this life, so you need to make choices.

And hopefully your choices can come from a deep sense of who you are.” (Fred Rogers)

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Breath In: The NEW YOU.

Breathe Out: Everything that’s NOT you.

Peace and focus are whispering together: “I’m here!”

I’m here while molecules are changing and still here while this astonishing body stretches and relaxes. No sound of the past and no worries of the future. You are far away from any mentally constructed distractions.

I’ve been reading a great book written by Daniel Lapin, and he was talking about a very simple scheme that can make your life a mess, or it can help you turn into a king/queen.

The winning formula: 1. Brain 2. Emotions 3. Body.

Decisions are made first in the brain. Not the other way around. Until we adjust, learn some lessons and transform (continuously), it will happen to switch the order. If we make decisions based on what our body wants first, it will affect many areas of our life.

“Resisting temptation makes you feel better about yourself, and feeling better about yourself makes temptation easier to resist. Resisting temptation is easier when you truly think of yourself as a worthy, deserving person who is above bad behavior. It is hard to tell yourself that you cannot hang out at the coffee shop or watch TV if you enjoy those things. But it is much easier to tell yourself that you are not the kind of person who misses out on a sales call or wastes all day watching trash TV. “Who do you think I am?” you say to yourself, indignantly. “No way would I do those things. Not me!” This is you positioning yourself morally, building up your character, to make your choices easier to make and temptations easier to resist.”

Let’s go back to the present moment.

I’ve heard many beautiful things in the last seven years about Pilates.

Here are some important points (not advices) that really stacked with me about this incredible type of workout: PILATES

  1. Your first session is about new beginnings. Reminder: Patience! Take it easy!
  2. While your stretching the body, just try to think that nothing else exists except for your breathing, your body muscles and the voice of your instructor.
  3. You come first. (It takes a lot of repetition to learn that)
  4. Be open to understand how each movement of the muscle involves “breathing in” and “breathing out”. I often caught myself thinking of something else and forgot to inhale.
  5. You start to feel healthier, happier by the simple fact that you show-up.
  6. It gives you the proper energy without taking anything away from you.

I had the pleasure to meet one of the most important names when it comes to Pilates in Bucharest and I couldn’t help, but preparing some questions about his story and how Pilates crafted its way into his life, but also about how he managed to create an interesting and active lifestyle. I always wondered how fitness professionals are managing to create and nurture a powerful mindset, not to mention that he’s got the same weight for over 20 years!

Photo Source: Sorin Bujoreanu’s personal archive

  • Mijournali: Bonjour, Sorin Bujoreanu! It would be lovely to share with us some of your childhood memories about health, fitness, sports or any education related to it.

We all start from somewhere when it comes to how we involuntarily express our energy through movement. As a little boy I vividly remember that I was practicing running, and playing “Oina” with my old buddies. Of course, football was part of my routine and long bike rides. In high school I discovered sports dance, and I really felt that it went much easily to shape the body in this particular way and so I’ve started to participate in dance competitions. Even though I took a different path by choosing to become a project engineer, after one year, encouraged by my friends, I’ve followed my passion and moved from Galati to Bucharest to study four years at National University of Physical Education and Sport Bucharest. (ANEFS) From here I’ve somehow imagined that I’m going to become a good coach. My orientation was towards aerobics, so I had the chance to meet a Brazilian woman, named Najla who came from Dubai, and we practiced together Body Pump for almost a year. In 2010, I had this immense opportunity to create dance choreographies for an old studio named “Lady Fit” and after this adventure ended, I finally got my license degree in Pilates.

Looking back, I’m really grateful to think how well everything matched the puzzle of my journey. I’ve immediately started to work in this field alongside with two talented Turkish women who opened the first Pilates Studio in Bucharest…and it was real! Ever since then I’ve been upgrading my skills constantly through specialized courses, but nevertheless improving my methods with the latest information available on the market. My main source of inspiration was of course, Joseph Pilates. This is how I gained experience for almost three years.

In 2013, was the opening of the biggest Country Club from the Eastern Europe (Stejarii Country Club), and a foreign client/friend chose me (brought me) to work there.

I’ve been grateful to practice Pilates at Stejarii right from the beginning, and I’m still honoring my duty. I had a great opportunity to grow and evolve among the greatest professionals in Bucharest.

Currently, I’m practicing Pilates between two places: Stejarii Country Club and Align Pilates (a hidden gem) somewhere in Romana area, right next to Gradina Icoanei Park.

Mijournali: Does the Perfect Pilates outfit exist? What do you wear? What is preferable to wear while doing this type of workout?

I prefer Asics. I choose to wear all black equipment. As for the clients it is preferable to wear body-fitting equipment made of organic materials, with or without stockings. If you are not comfortable barefoot, a good pair of anti-slip socks can make a difference.

Photo Source: Instagram @align_pilates

What does Pilates means to you?

For me, it’s a conscious state of movement combined with breathing which is a common language of the senses. It’s not about how you move, but more about what you think when you’re moving. Healthy disconnection! That’s it!

Share with us what do you love most about Pilates, and how do you see yourself in the present moment?

I find exciting that more and more people are starting to choose Pilates. Clients are perceiving “the smart talk” of this brain-muscle connection. I focus on the development of neuromuscular channels that facilitate the knowledge of the human body.

I love discipline. Pilates is part of my being. You somehow become what you love.

I find myself to be a patient human being, passionate, focused. I’m an advocate for change.

A motto that guides you?

Breathe, focus and move. Joy is on the way, too.

Do you find Pilates suitable for everybody?

Of course, but is an act of responsibility to get a proper medical check before starting any kind of movement. After 13 years of practicing and teaching Pilates, I had the pleasure to instruct teenagers, women and men between the ages of 16 and 70. This kind of movement can be done individually, between friends, colleagues or family.

Pilates can be enjoyed outdoors (in nature) or during special/private events.

What is your favorite exercise and why?

I would say the lunges because they maintain the mobility of the pelvis. It also gives you the feeling of elongating the legs. The hips become more flexible by doing these special lunges.

Any advice for those who practice or want to discover this type of workout?

Results walk hand in hand with patience. You learn to relax, breathe, and treat yourself better. The most important gesture is to create better thoughts and start making healthy choices when it comes to nourishing your body with healthy food.

Repetition, repetition, repetition and you’ll meet your relaxed mind & body vision.

By the simple fact that you’re giving the proper and repetitive attention to your muscles, they will slowly start to respond, modify, and evolve. Pilates is not an intense activity, but hydrating is important. It is better to eat two hours before the appointment to avoid any sort of discomfort.

Could you share with us top 3 benefits of practicing Pilates? If we can mix with another kind of movement in order to gain better results, what would it be?

You definitely gain muscle tone. You have the opportunity to sculpt the body, plus a great way to improve the pelvic floor muscles. You should be determined about your own progress because every action that you do on a daily basis requires a sleep routine, healthy nutrition and patience. Pilates is about creating a new state of being.

For even better results, you can choose workouts that increase the heart rate such as spinning, jogging, swimming or cycling.

Pilates is about focusing.

Pilates is a slow movement in accordance to your breathing.

Pilates is your intense presence. You cannot be anywhere else. You are present.

Please share your daily healthy routine with us. How do you manage to keep the same weight for almost 20 years?

I respect the meal hours and don’t skip my breakfast. I don’t eat anything between meals, thus giving the pancreas a break from working continuously.

My rule is pretty simple. I eat vegetables first, after comes proteins and lastly carbohydrates.


First example: cucumber, tomato, beetroot, carrot and goat cheese

Second example: Grilled mushrooms, zucchini, a well deserved omelette

Final touch: Hydrated walnuts and almonds

Surprise: Blueberries, blackberries or raspberries

I mix between the two, but keeping the final touches and my surprise always by my side.


I prefer a vegetable soup mixed with small pieces of proteins (turkey or beef)

After my soup, I eat vegetables or a green salad with sardine, salmon, tuna or turkey.

From time to time I indulge myself with some pasta or pizza.


I often skip the dinner… but If I feel the need to eat something, I chose edamame, homemade popcorn or a green salad.

What is the secret of maintaining your body in shape? A simple tip for those who want to create abs?

Everything can change with gratitude. I would say small daily repetitions. (no matter what)

I like to move my body with few lunges and push-ups in the morning. Those who are at the beginning can start training the abs with 20 repetitions daily, because the muscles must be maintained in an active stage. Small intentional habits will take you further if you want to discipline your mind and body.

Tell us something about your mindset!

I stay away from habits that are harmful to the body. I respect my hours of sleep and drink a small amount of alcohol.

I’m focusing on become a better human being. I don’t put myself in situations that are damaging to my mental and physical state. Withdrawal means balance.

I also read about everything that adds value to my life, I move my body and I love taking my daily dose of vitamin D from the sun.

A small hint for a beginner who never practiced Pilates before?

Honestly? Being patient with oneself for the first thirty Pilates sessions, and after that it will be even better. I’ve never heard anybody complaining: “I feel so unhappy after I invest in myself.” Most of the work is done in the mind and when you don’t know where to start, just promise yourself one small thing: I will become more intentional about my own journey!

Thank you! (Arigato!)

Mijournali: And that’s a wrap!

It was a real pleasure to have this honest conversation with Sorin Bujoreanu (Pilates expert coach). I express my gratitude for inspiring so many people on their journey towards a healthier lifestyle. Your passion for movement has already enhanced our minds!

Photo Source: Instagram @align_pilates

  • You can find more about Sorin Bujoreanu’s activity right here:


Instagram: @i_do_pilates_too

Instagram: @align_pilates

Align Studio and Stejarii Country Club (Bucharest)



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The information above is for educational and informational purposes only and not intended as a health advice. We would ask you to consult a qualified medical expert to gain additional knowledge before you start any diet or perform any exercise.


There’s only today, isn’t it? It’s all about what we are and do today.

Everything we want is available, so if we ask, seek, knock…it will happen.

But what are we searching for? We search for answers, guidance, expressions of love and the list goes on and on. What works for one person might not work for another but the best thing we can do is to: STUDY YOURSELF!

We are so accustomed to study all sorts of things around us and we rarely have this focus to study ourselves…but the better we get to know ourselves, the more we create a powerful dialogue inside our mind. We will identify our limiting beliefs and why they even exist.

We are here to serve one another and yes, you can make time for so many beautiful things in this World.

You learn how to give 100% to yourself and then you meet a friend to whom you offer 100% and then you choose a partner to whom you give 100%. You can be loyal to others when you remain loyal to yourself.

How can we figure it out if we are on the right track? The answer I once heard from a wise woman was something like: “You don’t ask anybody what should you do, you lead yourself by listening to your own voice.”

Maybe “THAT VOICE” must be discovered in silence, in repetition, in “Thank you!”, in walking, in journaling, in conversations with people that have the qualities we want to acquire or improve.

It’s quite nice to study yourself and it takes patience. We are flawed people and we are created to connect with other flawed people. Beauty happens in between.

It’s in your own power to make a white space for yourself. Take a step back and stay at peace because you’ll need more power for some new ten steps ahead.

When you get to rewire your thinking and insert new beliefs inside your mind, even if it takes you three months, three years or ten years, you are landing where you are supposed to be. You have your own script, I have my own script, a person who lives in the jungle has their own script.

Regarding words, I remember a story told by one of my teachers. She had a lovely grandmother that didn’t know how to write. When my teacher left her small town to study, she started to receive letters from her granny and they were all looking the same.

“Dear Maria,

Maria, Maria, Maria, Maria, Maria, Maria, Maria, Maria, Maria, Maria, Maria, Maria, Maria,

Maria, Maria, Maria, Maria, Maria, Maria, Maria, Maria, Maria, Maria, Maria, Maria, Maria,

Maria, Maria, Maria, Maria, Maria, Maria, Maria, Maria, Maria, Maria, Maria, Maria, Maria.”

She didn’t know how to write her own name, but the beloved teacher understood everything her grandmother was writing and I think that’s wonderful! Each time she was reading this letter, tears rolled down her eyes… Love is simple, transcends all understanding and you don’t even have to express it in complicated ways.

Reading makes you more focused, more passionate and happier. Reading makes you feel fortunate that you have two eyes and a cute brain that loves you. Some habits take something from you and some habits give you a better version of yourself. You can’t be smarter than anyone else and nobody can outsmart you from being you. That is for sure. You’ll be just fine. In all things, learn to put God first. God is like a constant promise you make to yourself, a neverending prayer of gratitude.

Each day I remember about three phrases/promises from God and they are written in the Bible…even if I haven’t managed to read it all: “I am with you always.” ; “No good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly.” ; “And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

It’s our own responsibility to go back in our childhood and deconstruct beliefs or phrases that we now repeat in our heads. We are no longer that child or the same person we where four years ago or even yesterday. Who told me not to like the colour red or a certain place? Everything is encrypted in our subconscious and we can change every single thing about us in order to become more like us and less like anybody else. Your own opinion about “YOU” is the only one that matters.

I am curious about what matters to me and how can I improve my life. I’m not a scientist, I’m not a teacher, I’m not a doctor, I’m not a therapist, I’m not a role model and everything I share right here is what I find interesting at the moment. I love to read and share the good stuff with others, not to look smart, not to portray “an image”.

We plant good seeds, we share information and we learn to remain open because good things will follow us. You give what you are and you are not supposed to be perfect.

Enjoy the list:

  • Joe Dispenza and Ed Mylett talk about how many wonders can MEDITATION/PRAYING or being thankful does to our body.
  • Another perspective about Self Development is presented by James Jani in the following link. There is a fine line between the excess of positivity and excess of negativity. We may like certain people, but it doesn’t mean we should follow their teachings. After all, nobody can lead your life, but you.
  • On my top 3 countries in this World is Japan. I admire japanese people and I appreciate evertything about them. If I can be born again, I would love to open my eyes in Japan. Ken Honda is one of the wisest when it comes to money. Arigato IN! Arigato OUT! Find some good energy about money right here.
  • Money are part of our everyday life and from where we can learn more about them? Discover Daniel Lapin right here and laugh with our lovely new-yorkaise Fran Lebowitz. By the way, you can search on Netflix “Pretend It’s a City” and enjoy her and Martin Scorsese walking and talking in New York.
  • Andrew Huberman (Professor and Neuroscientist at Stanford University and Host of the Huberman Lab Podcast) is talking about Social Media and what it does to our brain. Here is a 4 minute interview.

Best regards,



I couldn’t think of anyone better than Mister Rogers at this delicate time.

“Love is at the root of everything. Love or the lack of it.”

We all care about humans, about children, about everyone who is suffering.

What inspires peace if not people coming together with acts of kindness and love for one another?

I’ve watched long time ago what Fred Rogers prepared for humanity and especially for the little ones. Children must be taught about unfortunate events in a subtle manner and they must be assured that they are safe.

This is an important phrase that we must teach everybody around us (starting with ourselves),but especially our future-the children: “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”

  • Type this title on YouTube: Fred Rogers: Look for the Helpers
  • Type this title on YouTube: Fred Rogers Talk About Sad and Scary Things.
  • And this video is a statement for those who are willing to learn how to use power or fame in a good way.

And here is another powerful documentary with Gabor Mate: “The wisdom of trauma”.

May this be your kind of day!

Best regards,



We see so many things, we get bored so fast that sometimes the best stories are missed out just because we don’t concentrate on what’s important for us.

Comfort brings us in the same repeating cycle, but if we change the narrative or the way we look at others, we will eventually take steps towards clarity.

For what is good, what is worth sharing from my point of view, I will create time and make it happen on Mijournali.

Here is a list of beautiful links that can sparkle new ideas within yourself and expand your Universe.

Until next time… Enjoy!

Kind regards,


  1. I’ve seen a documentary on Netflix named “Fantastic Fungi” and when I think of it…Unbelievable! This misterious world is worth exploring. Paul Stamets wrote a book about this fantastic world called “Mycellium Running” and Sophia Roe does some nice cooking on Instagram regarding mushrooms. Also, I remember about a cool thing of how mushrooms can grow inside a museum. Watch here how mushrooms can grow from coffee grounds.
  2. Listening to others is one of the greatest ways of understanding ourselves. Here is a nice talk about praying and a special tour of a catholic church.
  3. When we are listening to our favourite sounds/songs, everything else becomes silence and we become free or we sense freedoom. Sergiu Celibidache’s interview about music can only make us richer and richer.
  4. How about beauty? This endless subject surrounds us day by day, but these seven minutes about aesthetics can become a very good choice to pamper our brains with.
  5. Behind stories and amazing projects we will always discover curious and focused minds. Watch this interview from Oh, DA! where you can find more about colours.
  6. This british architect is well known for his work among modern buildings made of steel and glass. He was also awarded with Pritzker Prize in 1999. Who could this person be? Check on this link.
  7. A unique kind of project made by Maarten Baas (dutch designer) took the attention of so many people passing through Amsterdam airport, Schiphol. The designer pays an homage to Piet Mondrian by using blue clothes, yellow rag and a red bucket. The interesting part comes from his idea to capture his activity on a camera. He practically erases an recreates the passing time, 24 hours a day, minute by minute. Find more about his work here.
  8. A beautiful book with visuals like Olivia Fraser’s art cannot be confused so easily. She has developed her detailed oriented drawings using ancient techniques. Wonderful graphics made by the british artist can be found on this short video.
  9. One of my favourite residential projects is Norm from Canada made by Alan Carle Architects. This particular project creates a sense of unity, a sense of quietness between volume and geometric structures. Vraiment impeccable!


Passing over the formal greetings and heading directly to some interesting information I have discovered along the time.

I must admit that sometimes I dig deep until I find impressive stories or short phrases within interviews, documentaries, books, movies, etc.

We see so many things, we get bored so fast that sometimes the best stories are missed out just because we don’t concentrate on what’s important to us.

A New Year doesn’t come by itself. Cheers! Cheers! and here it is! No way!

When we look back, we can observe that sharing, planting, nurturing the good thoughts and the good deeds are transforming the roads we didn’t took before.

Comfort brings us in the same repeating cycle, but if we change the narrative or the way we look at others, we will eventually take steps towards clarity.

Here is a list of beautiful interviews that I am sure can sparkle new ideas within yourself and expand your Universe.

I don’t have a perfect mind, neither I rule my life perfectly… but beautiful ideas are always worth sharing!

I’ve gathered eleven beautiful links. Until next time…Enjoy!

Kind regards,


  1. A lovely interview on Super Soul with Oprah Winfrey and Caroline Myss. A book of Caroline Myss took my attention and her authenticity. Watch this episode here: “Intuition, Power, Grace”.
  2. Daniel Amen introduces us into this fascinating computer of our body, the brain. Valuable information can be found here but also you can watch: The most important lesson from 83,000 brain scans , and he has an Instagram filled with so many great information: @doc_amen
  3. A very dedicated Neuroscience Professor named Andrew Huberman that you can find on Instagram: @hubermanlab or even discover him talking with Dr. David Sinclair right here: The Biology of Slowing & Reversing Aging
  4. A beautiful book of Najwa Zebian was “Welcome Home”. She is a talented Lebanese-Canadian writer. Absorbing words and lovely discussion with Ed Mylett can be found here: “These mountains that you are carrying, you were only meant to climb.”
  5. Impressive interview with a sensitive woman who lived her whole life on the streets. I might say that her realness, her suffering, her vulnerability surpasses many things because she is what she is. A beautiful and honest human being. Wonderful! Discover this story here: Prostitute interview-Exotic
  6. Positive habits! I have more people in my mind starting with my special Joel Osteen. He is amazing, by far. His simple and positive speech does wonders. Another relaxed mind is Sadhguru. I admire a strong woman like Joyce Meyer. She has an incredible life story. A real shaolin and a captivating mind is also Master Shi Heng Yi.
  7. A unique kind of man is Wim Hoff and the way he teaches us how to breath.
  8. A fabulous documentary about the creator of the famous and luxurious brand Ritz. It all started from Cesar Ritz, a man who was born in a family of thirteen children. He was a fast learner and his first job was a shoe polisher.
  9. A sublime talk of an interior designer I really enjoy and admire. Discover him here.
  10. When I think about Jordan Peterson, my mind goes directly to his book “12 rules for life” or “Beyond Order: 12 rules for life”. This video is a good introduction to discover him more. A great thinker of our days, a clinical psychologist and celebrated professor.
  11. Delightful is the sky of our life. The last one is a special documentary about the blue color.


What do I see?

I see genius people who transform matter into art and sounds into a whole New World.

Those who intend to walk on this path are not just simply making things possible, but they are doing it in a new way.

There is one exception though, who does everything so incredible and has no equal. It’s so simple to figure it out. Look yourself in the mirror. Isn’t that all the science and the wonders of this World inside yourself? Yes, God has done everything perfectly and it will never stop, but here comes our job to maintain, flourish and share this act of creating.

At the core of our own existence, of everything that surrounds us, there is music, the sound itself. Starting from your beating heart to the last song you’ve heard today and gave you goosebumps.

After hearing a sound, the matter comes along through the act of thinking and visuals are starting to appear in our imagination.

If words are that powerful because it all started with “a word” when it was silence, what would you create?

You are already equipped with everything you need, so it means it’s up to you.

I had a great experience these days while I was listening to the latest album of Kanye West, “Donda”- named after his mother.  I must mention that I don’t listen to this type of music on a regular basis, so it was a premier for myself.

I was definitely amazed by his incredible lyrics, collaborations, palette of sounds, not to mention about the touch of gospel…

I might say that Kanye is going to make history with this new album and I am sure he is already changing people’s lives with this positive approach.

If at the end of the day you still don’t have peace, it means you haven’t been used to the truth or nobody told you how powerful it is. If lies took the same appearance as the truth, you need to reconsider sounds, thoughts and words inside yourself.

When we find the right motives, we unfold ourselves and express it into colours, materials, ideas, words, books, objects, music, dance, movies, theatre, science, technology, sports and all other possible areas.

Madame Poly (art fashion type of artist) had material in her hands and managed to mix her abstract thoughts into a unique concept. When I see her artwork I can only think about a sacred landscape between silence, a beige rock, architecture and dried plants. Art is better when you feel it “live”.

The concept is named ABSTRACT STRUCTURES and you can read about it right on her Instagram: @madame_poly

I was in Bucharest few weeks ago and I have seen her art/fashion exposed at The National Museum of Art of Romania. You can still admire the fashion exhibition with many other creatives of UNARTE until 05.09.2021

Find more about this exhibition here: 50 ANI. SCOALA DE MODA DIN BUCURESTI.


What do I see?

I see two words: RESTORE & DESTROY

These words resemble each other, even though they mean quite the opposite. Both have six letters, so we might as well use them correctly for an expected outcome.

In the dictionary, an active word like “restore” means to bring back, return to its original condition, while “destroy” signifies to damage something so badly that it cannot be used. Same happens with our feelings or things that once were well nourished. A conscious mind has to be nourished with kind thoughts/actions. It’s true that “You are what you eat” but what can we do when it comes to historic buildings? “If we take care of things they last?”

Yes, they last through rules, education and people who are aware of what’s inside/around them. Taking care by creating established departments to preserve and continue a legacy of a beloved country. So the next issue we ask ourselves: How can people learn to love their own country? How can we pass love from generation to generation? What are we going to do when goodness won’t be attractive anymore?

I remember what Fred Rogers said: “Love isn’t a state of perfect caring. It is an active noun like struggle”. We learn to love ourselves, to love our neighbour, to love a country, to love our legacy. As long as we don’t give up, we learn and conquer. We look back in the past, we talk about, we help, we imagine a new picture of it.

What can we do when a harsh history of a country damages heritage buildings by letting them rot?

While reading BBC online, a headline regarding Herculane Project caught my attention. What others say? An old abandoned building was standing right there, but nobody reacted, except two students who decided to rebuild what once was lost. It was an imperial spa resort visited for the first time in 1852 by Franz Joseph and Empress Elisabeth “Sissi”.

Baile Herculane was doomed to decompose, but a new generation of people born after The 1989 Revolution who have not stepped a single foot into this place in its glorious days are willing to make an effort and bring it back to life.

The restauration of Herculane’s spa needs €12m. They already have a team of 25 volunteers involved in this project.

I see young and ambitious minds who are trying to repair what once was lost.

I am impressed about these good initiatives happening in Romania.

We can “destroy” years of abandonment in a good way by informing ourselves and the ones that come after us that architectural beauties can be restored and protected. It’s enough for one person to do the right thing and the rest will follow.

I don’t receive anything to talk about things that matter, I’m not doing advertising. I prefer to keep it simple, observe and remain Mijournali.



What do I see?

I am seeing three names: Fred Rogers, David Attenborough and Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

Between the pages of “Little Prince”, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry reminds you to look with the heart, for most important things in this life are invisible.

“It’s you I like!” For more than 30 years, the TV host so called Mister Rogers kindly reminded to every single children (person) that he/she is special and the only way to have success in your own journey is to be kind.

Planet Earth has a voice: Sir David Attenborough. He still invites people to discover the wonders of our world within all his documentaries and writings. Nature is here long before us and will always be. We are not just consumers and while we live for a certain amount of time on this beautiful world, we can learn to be protectors and creators.

What these people have  in common? Why am I thinking about them?

What if each child would receive on the day he is born a small suitcase with three important things inside? At the age of 7 they will find inside:

1. “The Little Prince” book by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

2.  A stick with all the educational TV “real cartoons” of Mister Rogers.

3.  A stick with documentaries about Planet Earth made by Sir David Attenborough.

And extra bonus could be a small pouch with 100 tree seeds to be planted by the kid along his childhood.

Maybe a personal suitcase received as a lifetime mission to accomplish, could transform future generations of children. They will be accustomed to believing in themselves, to be kind, to protect the nature and create beautiful things within their own minds.