We don’t want everything we like, we just remember the beautiful things.

We like this and that this week:

1. Did you forget to throw the garbage bag again? So many discussions can be avoided just by doing the right thing. We salute the idea of a food recycler doing “our little job”. Sustainable, bottomless and designed in a minimal way, Mill stands up to be the almost perfect kitchen bin, preventing waste and upgrading our homes. Find more about this modern object here.

    2. Power Plant was one of the most eye catching Christmas Tree installation for the festive season. The object was created by a London-based design studio, Isabel and Helen and it can be admired until 7th January at Victoria and Albert Museum (London). The main inspiration around this unconventional installation came straight from the night sky, the movement of planets, satellites and stars. Discover more of Isabel Gibson and Helen Chesner’s projects here.

    3. Maarten Baas stands out as a gatekeeper of “crafted moments” with each conceptual reinterpretation of the 12-hour films indicating the “Real Time”. Since we are travelling through time and another year has come into existence, check out this clock (analog/digital) that stands between art and design in Schiphol’s Airport (Amsterdam) since 2016. The story behind this object was inspired by the almost invisible janitors that are daily cleaning the airport while millions of travelers pass them by. The creator is paying homage to Piet Mondrian by using “the iconic colors” (red, yellow, blue) for the bucket, the rag and the uniform. Find more about Maarten Baas’s exquisite work here.

    4. Why not strolling and discovering charming streets and quiet places while this festive season still unfolds in front of us. Small hint: Behind the green marble you’ll find a red hat.

    A discreet place like Cotroceni can be a great choice to admire architectural beauties while enjoying a coffee or a matcha latte from Zissou. You’ll taste all sorts of coffee flavours from all over the world. They also bring “material” from April (a concept coffee store based on Coppenhagen)

    Located very close to National Library of Romania, you’ll come across another cute and kind of nordic place named Trofic. When you’re in need for specialty coffee, tasty brunches and treats, here it is. I think well of their speciality coffee brought directly from Origo.

    Intimate and not so known places often bring the savour that we really need while strolling in the city.

    A Blessed New Year!

    Best regards,


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