Passing over the formal greetings and heading directly to some interesting information I have discovered along the time.

I must admit that sometimes I dig deep until I find impressive stories or short phrases within interviews, documentaries, books, movies, etc.

We see so many things, we get bored so fast that sometimes the best stories are missed out just because we don’t concentrate on what’s important to us.

A New Year doesn’t come by itself. Cheers! Cheers! and here it is! No way!

When we look back, we can observe that sharing, planting, nurturing the good thoughts and the good deeds are transforming the roads we didn’t took before.

Comfort brings us in the same repeating cycle, but if we change the narrative or the way we look at others, we will eventually take steps towards clarity.

Here is a list of beautiful interviews that I am sure can sparkle new ideas within yourself and expand your Universe.

I don’t have a perfect mind, neither I rule my life perfectly… but beautiful ideas are always worth sharing!

I’ve gathered eleven beautiful links. Until next time…Enjoy!

Kind regards,


  1. A lovely interview on Super Soul with Oprah Winfrey and Caroline Myss. A book of Caroline Myss took my attention and her authenticity. Watch this episode here: “Intuition, Power, Grace”.
  2. Daniel Amen introduces us into this fascinating computer of our body, the brain. Valuable information can be found here but also you can watch: The most important lesson from 83,000 brain scans , and he has an Instagram filled with so many great information: @doc_amen
  3. A very dedicated Neuroscience Professor named Andrew Huberman that you can find on Instagram: @hubermanlab or even discover him talking with Dr. David Sinclair right here: The Biology of Slowing & Reversing Aging
  4. A beautiful book of Najwa Zebian was “Welcome Home”. She is a talented Lebanese-Canadian writer. Absorbing words and lovely discussion with Ed Mylett can be found here: “These mountains that you are carrying, you were only meant to climb.”
  5. Impressive interview with a sensitive woman who lived her whole life on the streets. I might say that her realness, her suffering, her vulnerability surpasses many things because she is what she is. A beautiful and honest human being. Wonderful! Discover this story here: Prostitute interview-Exotic
  6. Positive habits! I have more people in my mind starting with my special Joel Osteen. He is amazing, by far. His simple and positive speech does wonders. Another relaxed mind is Sadhguru. I admire a strong woman like Joyce Meyer. She has an incredible life story. A real shaolin and a captivating mind is also Master Shi Heng Yi.
  7. A unique kind of man is Wim Hoff and the way he teaches us how to breath.
  8. A fabulous documentary about the creator of the famous and luxurious brand Ritz. It all started from Cesar Ritz, a man who was born in a family of thirteen children. He was a fast learner and his first job was a shoe polisher.
  9. A sublime talk of an interior designer I really enjoy and admire. Discover him here.
  10. When I think about Jordan Peterson, my mind goes directly to his book “12 rules for life” or “Beyond Order: 12 rules for life”. This video is a good introduction to discover him more. A great thinker of our days, a clinical psychologist and celebrated professor.
  11. Delightful is the sky of our life. The last one is a special documentary about the blue color.

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