We see so many things, we get bored so fast that sometimes the best stories are missed out just because we don’t concentrate on what’s important for us.

Comfort brings us in the same repeating cycle, but if we change the narrative or the way we look at others, we will eventually take steps towards clarity.

For what is good, what is worth sharing from my point of view, I will create time and make it happen on Mijournali.

Here is a list of beautiful links that can sparkle new ideas within yourself and expand your Universe.

Until next time… Enjoy!

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  1. I’ve seen a documentary on Netflix named “Fantastic Fungi” and when I think of it…Unbelievable! This misterious world is worth exploring. Paul Stamets wrote a book about this fantastic world called “Mycellium Running” and Sophia Roe does some nice cooking on Instagram regarding mushrooms. Also, I remember about a cool thing of how mushrooms can grow inside a museum. Watch here how mushrooms can grow from coffee grounds.
  2. Listening to others is one of the greatest ways of understanding ourselves. Here is a nice talk about praying and a special tour of a catholic church.
  3. When we are listening to our favourite sounds/songs, everything else becomes silence and we become free or we sense freedoom. Sergiu Celibidache’s interview about music can only make us richer and richer.
  4. How about beauty? This endless subject surrounds us day by day, but these seven minutes about aesthetics can become a very good choice to pamper our brains with.
  5. Behind stories and amazing projects we will always discover curious and focused minds. Watch this interview from Oh, DA! where you can find more about colours.
  6. This british architect is well known for his work among modern buildings made of steel and glass. He was also awarded with Pritzker Prize in 1999. Who could this person be? Check on this link.
  7. A unique kind of project made by Maarten Baas (dutch designer) took the attention of so many people passing through Amsterdam airport, Schiphol. The designer pays an homage to Piet Mondrian by using blue clothes, yellow rag and a red bucket. The interesting part comes from his idea to capture his activity on a camera. He practically erases an recreates the passing time, 24 hours a day, minute by minute. Find more about his work here.
  8. A beautiful book with visuals like Olivia Fraser’s art cannot be confused so easily. She has developed her detailed oriented drawings using ancient techniques. Wonderful graphics made by the british artist can be found on this short video.
  9. One of my favourite residential projects is Norm from Canada made by Alan Carle Architects. This particular project creates a sense of unity, a sense of quietness between volume and geometric structures. Vraiment impeccable!

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