It’s probably a particular moment of wanting to give “the right response who survived” in front of what others will think of.

Real answers depend on what we are capable to imagine and one last question is enough.


What do you see?

Alina S.

I see myself as a little kid. This childhood of mine… I used to walk through the woods where my beloved grandparents took care of me in the best way they could. Between the trees and songbirds hides my favourite place in the world. If time could only slow down…

I feel unconditional love when I think of my grandparents. Maybe it’s about people, goodhearted people who support you from the very beginning. I love to feel protected, but also to protect others. After all, life is not about receiving.

I couldn’t see myself clearly without discipline because it gives me power even if we talk about controlling thoughts, actions or even how I respond to negative situations. Somehow, discipline is my power, so I improve it day by day.

I can’t have chaos as a friend and that is for certain. I couldn’t bear to see a dirty room or dirty dishes. No, thank you!

Most of the time I see pictures. Pictures on the streets, pictures on the internet, pictures after pictures. These pictures are exhausting and they lie. Send me a picture or “I can’t believe you without” sort of era. And these frames sell illusions. Everyone wants something. Eyes want to see but do they really know what it is? I see what others don’t. See you!