It’s probably a particular moment of wanting to give the “right response who survived” in front of what others will think of.

Real answers depend on what we are capable to imagine and one question is enough.


Behind the codes?


There’s a code for everything in this life. Behind a code it’s possible to be a person like me, prepared to search for the last detail in order to have the best answer.

I’ll figure it out by myself how to stay in the right position, how to fall, how to stand up, how to enjoy the ride, how to appreciate the moment. Everything else is temporary. What kind of code will I use just to be sure of my own balance? This ski run takes a lifetime.  Why would I ever give up to something I’ve learned, experienced and enjoyed on my ride? I have designed an unbreakable code for the view, the ride, the feeling  and it’s well kept in my memories.

The possibility of doing everything I can imagine by creating a code in front of the computer, encourages me to  keep on doing what I like the most: being a programmer.

By putting the foot inside the ski boot, thoughts become actions and codes are getting pretty real.

I’ll get to the finish line exactly as a man that I wish to become. (by skiing)


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