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Within a book, within a place, within a flower.

Daniel Lapin – Business Secrets from the Bible

King Solomon says: “There is no utterly righteous man on Earth who achieves any good without sinning.” Solomon is not saying that there is no righteous men. There are plenty. He is saying that there are no righteous man who achieve anything without sinning. You must interact with the world to achieve things and doing so means inevitable sinning and inevitable missteps because we are fallible. The only way to avoid doing anything wrong ever is to do nothing. Do not build a family. Don’t start a business. Lock yourself away in a cave and don’t do anything. Then, I suppose, there is the likelihood that you will be able to die totally without sin, other than the sin of locking yourself in a cave, of course. (And doing nothing is a sin, make no mistake. I would argue it is the worst kind because it means you are not serving God’s other children.)

If you’re out there in the world living life passionately, committed to your life, passionately committed to your family and your community, passionately committed to your career and your business, you are going to make mistakes. It’s going to happen. And you know what? So what! You will make a mistake, suffer a setback, and then move on from there, wiser for the experience. There is no need to fear the path forward. Eliminate the fear that you have of making mistakes and simply travel forward and be the best working professional, the best husband or wife, the best father or mother, that you can be and it will all work out in the end. Make fear your friend. We cannot allow ourselves to be paralyzed by terror, yet remember that ordinary fear is quite normal. Don’t allow fear to terrify you and what is more important, know that you can find happiness in fear. It is evidence that you are not a vegetable. Were you not striving towards goals and if you had no dreams, you’d have little fear. The presence of fear can bring a small private smile to your face. You know what is going on and you know how to allow it to lift you to new heights.”

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