It’s probably a particular moment of wanting to give “the right response who survived” in front of what others will think of.

Real answers depend on what we are capable to imagine and one last question is enough.


What do you wish to keep?

Honestly? I am obsessed with fragrances. I used to buy at least one little bottle of perfume per week. Scents play an optimistic role in my daily routine. Missing something? I’m sure there must be hidden in a forgotten bottle. Right in front of my open window walks her cute dog an old favourite neighbour. I can recognize when she’s outside without even looking, by smelling her signature, it literally flows in the air. I think she loves Guerlain.

Is there anyone who didn’t wished at least one perfume from this charming city?

Each day is special because there is “something in the making” in front of your house, around the corner or in a brasserie that follows to appear in a blink of an eye. Make two steps and a fresh coffee starts to call you by your name: “You need to wake up? Allez viens!”

A warm scent of tea, a puffy bread or sliced oranges could always take me back to the cozy place in Bucharest where my “small” family lives.  If I could just receive a magic power, it would be to transform my beloved parents into everlasting angels. Quite understandable… to keep them for myself.

I wish to keep a secret place of mine, a huge garden with all the enchanting flowers of this world, to plant my own fruits and vegetables.

One day I’ll enjoy my first harvest.  The garden exists already in my imagination and it smells like joy.