We don’t want everything we like, we just remember the beautiful things.

We like this and that this week:

  • I’ve been gathering small stones to have a vivid memory of certain places that I really enjoyed along the way, but my mind stopped when I discovered a lovely account on Instagram with mesmerizing stones. You could easily put five different stones together and create the pallete of your dreams for your specific creation. Have a look at @avery_a_gregory

  • Beautiful graphics can sometimes soften and spoil the senses. Sadie Benning (Born April 11, 1973) is an American artist who lives and works in New York. “I want to be free to try things that don’t make sense yet.” Check “his abstract” on this link and taste some absolutely pink from this exquisite art.

  • A classic beauty can be manufactured in the shape of wood and rattan. “Cask” collection of lounge furniture for Expormim by Norm Architects can be admired right here.

  • There is a unique place In Paris that I completely like and it can be described in three words: cabaret, history, hill. “Au Lapin Agile”(1860) is the oldest cabaret in Paris located in a small house where so many sculptors, painters, singers, writers used to meet. No wonder is the oldest cabaret in Paris. You can read about the history of this enchanting place and have a closer look by opening a window of the present and the past.


I wouldn’t call it a moodboard, but certain things are joggling in my head. For those who are willing to keep an open eye: Play!

Playboard of this week:

1. A painting

“Highland Music” – Sir Edwin Henry Landseer

“The humble pleasures of everyday life in the Highlands.”

Sir Edwin Henry Landseer; Highland Music ?1829, exhibited 1830, Tate N00411, digital image, © Tate released under Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-ND (3.0 Unported)

Read more about this painting here .

2. An object:

“Bubble Side Table”

Photo: Daniel Cochran

A playful small side table created by an artist called Steven Bukowski from New York City. The object is made from solid maple.

Discover more of his work here.

3.  A bag


Buy it or do it yourself? Both options are great! Cotton or linen? Colourful or neutral? Instead a plastic bag (harmful for nature) with no kind of personality, why not having one of yours? One talented Poly explains along with Helen how to create your own reusable snack bag right here. 

Find more about “La Croitorie” on their website. 

4. A place

Bleu Minuit


Somewhere in Obersteinbach nature becomes your closest friend.

The lodge is located in the Vosge Nature Park,  between the border of Germany and France.

What can be more relaxing than waking up with a blue sky above?

Bleu Minuit! You can read about it here.